Saturday, September 1, 2012

Your Dreams

What happens when your dreams come true????

What happens when you learn a skill, start a career, make some money???

What happens you find yourself ripen down the road in aggressive sounding Chevy 4X4 pickup??

What happens when you fall in love with someone you had no idea that God could have created so perfectly for you????

What happens when I pull that 18 wheeler back into the yard next week. I will have seen this country coast to coast.???

You check those things off in your mental checklist and start a new checklist.

In a little less than a year since my last post (sorry) things have been changing at lighting speed. It is at the point that nothing seems at all un attainable. Nothing seems like a pipe dream. Actually the change started two years ago when my Sister Kayla was in town she started asking me what my "Plans where". Yea kinda a scary question. After I rolled out this "want to drive truck, move off the farm, find a girl to settle down with, buy another pickup" Then she asked how I was going to do this. My answer was, " not a clue". Fast forward two years and it all came true. She came back to town and the first week her and her family where in town I was in California truckin. Then two weeks later she met Carrie the girl she had heard so much about on a camping trip in Ludington. Yea I actually took and week vacation this summer.Lol.

Kayla and her family left at the beginning of August. I said good buy and couple days earlier, because I had to leave on a run to California. She didn't have to ask what my plans where this time. I told her and the kids what they where. And again I have  no clue how all this is going to work out. But I have a feeling that when she returns in a couple of years things will be much different again.

Dreams do come true.
You just have to have the guts to let them.
Mom and Dad's prayers are huge plus though.

A huge thanks
To the "head honchos"; at work for giving me a chance to chase my dreams.
To my family/friends at Pine Manor; for an incredible ten years!!!!! I miss you!!
To Pam; for setting Carrie and I up. Sorry we avoided each other for over six months.
To G.M./Chevrolet/; you pissed me off with the govt bail out, so I bought a Ford. Now I am my second Chevy since the Ford. The G.M. small block is still one bad ass motor. It is good to be back home in a Silverado again.

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